We start out with a page from Blue Ribbon Comics #4:  The Ring Quest.  One of
my first and favorite comic book stories, featuring
the Fly.  (Written by Jack C.
Harris, inked by editor Rich Buckler.)

The first image on the left is page four as printed.  The next is from my pencils,
and the image on the far right is from my
original pencils, before making
corrections. (click on the images to see larger versions.)

Note that in my youth, I was so concerned how things looked, that I used an Ames
Lettering Guide to rough in the lettering for
the entire story!  

Look for more pencil work from this book in the
Comics page on this website,
coming soon.
Before getting my first computer, I was
glad to have a fax machine in the early
'90s.  Not having to wait on overnight
mail, I was able to send several
thumbnail sketches at a time, and have
them approved the same day.

Of course, this meant I could have
rejected the same day as well.
On this page, we'll present some behind the scenes sketches, anecdotes
and a few peeks into the creative process that will hopefully be of some
Above left, we have a rejected cover rough for Warlock #11.  While pretty symbolic of the
interior story, the editor chose another rough of mine that showed more action, and the
attendant guest stars.  Since the guest stars featured practically the entire Marvel
Universe, I had no complaints.

Think I set a personal record for how many Marvel characters I drew in
one issue with
this book.  Didn't think about it until I ran across this link...


Will post the other rough if I find it.  In the meantime, the finished cover, by Steve Carr
and myself is above right.
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