For some time, Marcia served
in obscurity for the Ewing clan
in the comic strip

A tiny figure at best in most
strips, her nationality really
wasn't an issue.
But such an obvious talent couldn't remain in
the background for long!  Soon, the Mexican
Maid actually had a speaking role.  

This meant medium two-shots with luminaries
like JR and his wife, Sue-Ellen Ewing.  (left)

Since we had a closer look at her, Marcia had
to have her eyes rounded for the part.

(For a better look, click on the images.)
When the Chalnoth were causing problems near Beta Scoraata, Captain Jean-Luc Picard called on Lt. Takamura for the first time!  This proved to be not
only an
important role, but one of Marcia's most enduring ones as well.  Beginning with Star Trek:  The Next Generation #59, Takamura had a pivotal role
in a three-issue story arc.  As a permanent member of the Enterprise crew, she was even drawn in other stories by other artists!
Also featured on these pages is our daughter
Laura.  Our boys, Jayme and Gerard have also
appeared as characters.  In our family,"see you
in the funny papers" is more than just an old
In this story, Marcia did double-duty as twins!  (Triplets, if you count
the fact that she played a knife-wielding schizo..!)

Bonus points came in the form of writing and drawing my little
psycho from 'her' Vietnamese teen years, to her current age